Saturday, June 7, 2008

Food 4 Thought

Since we're only a few days away from the last part of S4, I thought you'd enjoy seeing some Top Chef Finale statistics.

via TWoP's tripon & healing fish:

All previous TC winners were under 30 when they won.
Both Steph, and Richard are over 30. Lisa is 27.

2 of 3 winners had Asian backgrounds, Harold & Hung.
Lisa also has an Asian cooking background.

All previous winners were sous chefs or line cooks,
both Richard and Steph are Exec chefs/Head chefs.
Who is a sous chef? (Or a line cook) Its Lisa.

2 of 3 winners had 4 letters in their name, Hung & Ilan.
Lisa has four letters in her first name.

All 3 previous winners had short, closely-cropped
hair and did not have big fauxhawks. Bingo.

Or as I would say it... 'Uh Oh'

A one-minute Padma cooking interview.

Its from Google video, hopefully it will work...


  1. You're just trying to jinx things, aren't you?

  2. Let's dispel this altogether! Things that show that Lisa couldn't possibly win! (I hope)

    Uh, hmmm, well I can't think of anything. Oh SHIT!

    Oh wait I know: Two out of three of the previous Top Chefs were assholes (Ilan and, depending on whom you ask, Hung). This means that Lisa... oh DAMN, you're right. She IS going to win!

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  4. Sigh. I'm already cranky because it's hot out. This doesn't cheer me up any.

    Do you think they've already named the winner? Didn't they do the last season's finale partially live?

    I could actually see Bravo NOT picking Lisa just because of the inevitable backlash. I mean, yeah, Ilan sucked, but she is SO much worse.

  5. Kit - I think you're right about the 'partially' live finale. Last year they filmed all the cooking earlier (in Aspen) but then did the 'reveal' live in the studio.

    So I'm betting they do the same thing this year. (I don't know what they did in S1 or S2)

  6. NT: I'm pretty sure S1 at least was not live, because they showed Tiff's pre-recorded sobbing over not winning. S2? Beats the heck outta me. And speaking of S2...

    Kit: "I mean, yeah, Ilan sucked"... THANK YOU! Besides myself I don't see anyone saying that. Marcel was irritating, yes, but I still felt bad enough for him that I wanted him to win.