Wednesday, June 4, 2008

TC now 'Trio Chef'

Beatrix Potter never got to Puerto Rico, and sometimes fairy tales don't quite come true.

Poor Antonia. Thanks for the fun, loved
your quirky comments: 'Andrew cannot
speak to guests, seriously' & 'Then you
won't be going to Puerto Rico, Lisa'.
'Good Luck' with your new place!

(Just have to say I wonder why the Bravo editing monkeys let us hear Antonia's whisper 'Kick their asses!' to Stephanie. Is it an anvil?)

.... And before I head off to bed, I have to say that I would be stunned into silence if someone handed me an entire pig and said 'go to it'. So 'Way To GO, Richard!' - a car is a great trade for that pig!

Stephanie, you are a much better person than 99% of us to be able to say 'That's okay' when Dale left your pork out overnight. I couldn't believe you didn't wring his neck until his Spike-hat-holder fell off.

And Lisa? You're right; TC isn't a personality contest. Which is lucky because the one you've got needs a bit of repair, if we can believe Bravo's editing monkeys.


  1. I am ambivalent - I could use a new car. On the other hand, a whole roasted pig would be kind of tasty :)

    Lisa could use a personality transplant, no? She can't even win (not lose?) graciously.

  2. I'm numb to Lisa now. Just so over her. Check out my TC post if you have a sec.

  3. Of course, they may have edited out Stephanie's screaming and chasing Dale around the room with a butcher knife....

  4. I am with the minx there, you don't know what you didn't see;). But she did seem very cool.

  5. I agree that I'm become numb to Lisa. It's silly that she's still here with all of the dishes she's had go wrong but I think Antonia was way weaker in ideas that Stephanie or Richard.

    I really can't pick who to root for: Stephanie or Richard. I really hope they both deliver something awesome for the final meal.
    My recap