Friday, June 6, 2008

Extra Crumbs

A few more thoughts about this week's Top Chef.

Saw this week's web video of the Sous Chefs at judges table - why didn't Bravo air any of this? Yes they want more web-traffic, but at least let tv viewers know that the judges were aware of Dale's pork snafu.

And thinking of that, I realized that I will never eat at a restaurant where Dale is in charge. He was willing to use raw pork that had been uncovered, unchilled fly-bait. Yuck. 'Bravo' to Stephanie for 86'ing it. I'll go to her restaurant instead.

And I was impressed with Andrew's demeanor and attitude. Turns out he was right when he said he had honor, because by all accounts he did a fine job as sous for Lisa, and then praised their efforts to the judges. And he refused to be a weasel when Gail prodded him about his earlier fracas with Lisa. Quite classy, dude.

Too bad he wasn't Antonia's sous. He likes color and texture too much to have let her present those dour dishes. (And unlike Nikki, he might have noticed that the peas weren't cooking before it was too late.) *Antonia, why didn't you skip the cliche rice/beans and just use pig bits to make nifty pizzas like at the wedding?

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