Tuesday, June 3, 2008

JW Knows Squat

This ep proved that Jackie Warner may know how to do squats, but she doesn't give one about others.

First she shows up 1-1/2 hours late for a meeting. Notice her fresh beverage w/ice? That means she was -already- an hour late before she decided to stop off for a cool one. So not cool. Then its obvious that JW hasn't prepared a thing for her DVD yet, even tho that's what this meeting was about.

Later on she proves once more just how inconsiderate she is when she sorts her staff on-camera (for their DVD potential) and she then proceeds to show up unprepared -again-, this time for the actual DVD shoot itself. Turning it into an endless sweaty trainwreck. (Those four trainers get hazard $$ ?)

The exit scene is Jackie reading her girlfriend's private phone message, and then complaining that her gf doesn't respect their relationship! What a classy way to set up next week's finale... where I'm hoping her staff and her gf wise up and flee.

* Regardless of how I feel, ratings appear to be up: 'Work Out', a reality series, 927,000 viewers Tues night, up 19% from the prior week' (link)
Still way less than 'Top Chef's 3 mill.

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