Friday, October 22, 2010

Agitating Aquatic Animals

Water Wasters vs Fearful Fish

This is Yan Lu's new 'water conservation' invention. It fools aqua-wasters by making it appear that the goldfish's water is being drained to wash your hands. Its water is actually pumped to a hidden reservoir.

Yes, its an interesting trick, but I'm sure it freaks the fish out to have its life support pumped half-away every time a human turns up.

Or how about the life of these Asian fish:

{2 min} *seen in market in Kowloon

Can goldfish die of stress?

But at least Goldie's safer than these crabs:

{90 sec}

Yes, live crabs in a vending machine.
This gizmo is in a subway station in Shanghai. Do they pocket a live crab or two before boarding the train? And what's in those bottles at the bottom? Sauce?, or beer, or maybe an aquatic anesthetic?

I can just see the headline:

SE Asia Watery Wildlife Worried Weekly

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