Thursday, October 28, 2010

Creature Comforts

Freaky finds for the family.

For your infant, the Zombie Devil Duckie:

Qua-Ack !

For bigger kids, A Remote Control Zombie, seen here fighting his arch nemesis, the remote control empty pants:

{39 sec}

For adults that are that kind of 'adult'...

Roxxy the Sex Robot:
"Hey there (pause) Stud"
"Do you like Porsches?" (was that 'porches'?)
"Are you ready to give it to me (pause) Stud?"
"Ah (roboticly) thats nice"
"You have a nice weiner." (and so on....)
{5 min} As for me, I have no words re: this zombie date...

Finally, for the oldsters, a Robot Nurse...
...planned for euthanasia?

{2 min}

At least one of the above seems montrous to me.

So this post is part of ThemeThursdays 'Monster' day.
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