Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hobbling Along

Still an uphill trek...

Saw this vid and thought 'Hobbit already?.. Fun!'

{1 min}
Its good, but turns out its a fan-made 'trailer'.

As for the real movie?...

The good news for Hobbit fans:

Filming starts this winter, since MGM & Warner Bros. finally gave the go ahead for work on 'The Hobbit' to resume.

To recap, the movie has been officially greenlit, and Peter Jackson is definitely signed on to direct. Plus many of the sets have already been constructed, and the scripts are said to be near completion, with over $30 million spent so far on this epic.

The bad news:

The studios don't have all the ca$h they need.
(And union disputes may add more delay$)

They've only cast half the roles so far.

It will be in two parts

The really bad news:
The current projected release...

'The Hobbit 1' arrives in theaters Dec 2012
'The Hobbit 2' comes a year later, Dec 2013.

So, in the meanwhile, here's another fan-made promo:

{1 min}

*Or wait it out by making Minas Tirith outta t'picks.

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1 comment:

  1. Yikes. Hope it turns out great. I loved the book.