Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wearing A See-Thru Shirt

can U see thru me now?
Now everyone will be able to sneak a peek... as long as you keep your battery charged.

{links to last 2 min}

A camera on the back linked to an LCD on front.
Makes a 'Portal' costume, inspired by the game.

Cool - you can see what's behind inventor Ben Heck.

The real fun part? You could win it.

click ! Enter Here, by Friday, Nov. 5, for the chance to win an autographed portal t-shirt created by Ben & Jason.

p.s. When you get to the 'quiz'?...
The Answer is {C.} Tweezers

Hm, He could sell millions to golfers,
as their 'Hole In One' Halloween costume.

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