Thursday, October 14, 2010

Test Your Awareness

'Why?'... ...'Why kNot?' ...
{68 sec}

Watch at least half of the video.
... I'll wait. ;-)

That was fun, wasn't it?

Its part of a things you should know about us humans list, being compiled by a psychologist. I think we recognize this 'inattention blindness'; its just a more clinical way of reminding us that 'we don't always see what's right before us'.

Even when told to pay attention,
...I still missed a moon-bear!

How embarrassing.

But would I notice this?:

*her 2nd ex. - you'll understand it in the first minute:
{4 min}

'Our brains actually process very little of what comes in through the eyes.' No kidding - 75% of them didn't notice the switch! And I can't honestly say whether I would or not.

So, since we mentally abbreviate these 'known' things... its no wonder the courts would rather have security cam videos versus eye witnesses.

Because things are knot always what they seem to be.
Perhaps like this 'knot' day post, for ThemeThursday.

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