Sunday, October 3, 2010

Life As We Know It

art by j2-burkLast night I got to attend an 'Advance Screening' of this new Katherine Heigl movie.
I liked her in "27 Dresses", so I was happy to go. ('Yes', my ticket was free, but I did ante up for pretzels, so you know I'll be totally fair.)

First, a couple of 'Hollywood' opinions:

Variety gave it a nod: '"Life As We Know It" delivers enough "aww" moments (coupled with the occasional laugh) to deliver its money's worth' a decent rom-com.

Heigl says: "I’m really proud of this movie. It’s probably my favorite film I’ve done to date,” she explained. “It’s just the perfect combination of romance and comedy and heart…"

My opinion? Lets face it, once you've seen the preview, you know what you're getting into, so you can't exactly complain that you were blind-sided by the plot. As my companion said, its a perfect 'airplane movie', bleep out the two '$h!+'s and its ready to go. Some chuckles w/o much stress, plus a cuddly set of triplets(!) playing the baby.

Verdict: 'Hey, its a cute movie.'

'doh' !

PG-13 / 112 min / opens Friday

FYI: For those who prefer unique documentaries,
here's one that Katherine Heigl appeared in:

{2 min} *Haven't seen it myself - will check Netflix.

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