Thursday, October 7, 2010

Boffo Bout of Blokus

Divas play Blokus too Rediscovered this little gem just in time for ThemeThursday's 'game day'.

The only rule? Your color pieces may only touch your same color ones on the corners.

{36 sec} ` Blokus, shown on iPad

Plus, you can test-drive it. (opens in new window) On their page go to the lower right and pick 'Play As A Guest' option. Blokus Online

And look, even a bird-brain can play: click to see Lucy play{30 sec, new window}

So in just a bit, you'll be a Boffo Blokus Blogger.

Just like Lucy and ...

my best game !
Have Fun, TTers!
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  1. Ooh...that does look fun!

    Must. Avoid. Until. After. Work.

    (very difficult on a boring Friday afternoon!)