Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Flippin' Moron

Jeff Lewis smiles as his drunk client gropes Jenni (at 1:24) and slaps Trace in the face (at :07). That's so creepy.
clip from last night's episode (Oct 5th)
{2 min, after a 15_sec ad }

Unbelievable. Jeff protests his client Chuck's use of profanity, yet just sat by while Chuck abused Jeff's own assistants, Jenni & Trace.

And his 'damage control' afterward? Too little, too late, his non-actions spoke louder than words. Will this kill his 'Flipping Out' show?

And Bravo TV showed it all on-air. Classy.

* note to Jenni & Trace:
I hope you two call that scene EVIDENCE...

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