Saturday, May 23, 2009

Anarchist Bookfair

*disclaimer: Just in case you found this page because you typed the 'a' word into Google... Sorry, no political depth here. I just liked the look of the poster, so I read their page - totally deep, that's me... politically minded? click here to go there
Nice looking poster, yes?

Who knew Cardiff had anarchists? Not me.

(never knew anarchists organized bookfairs either)

*When I think 'Wales', I see prosaic images, not:

''South Wales Anarchists are a network of autonomous collectives who are against all forms of exploitation and bigotry. We engage in direct action against capitalism and government, spread info-rmation, & build resistance to create a world based on justice & freedom.

Government & capitalism is chaos, pitting person against person, encouraging domination & exploitation to preserve inequality & privilege. Anarchism is order (?), delivering individual liberty & social equality through a system of voluntary cooperation without political, economic or social hierarchies.''
Direct action against capitalism includes selling things? Apparently I have a lot to learn.

Anyone care to run over there and find out if these free-thinkers restrict what kinds of books can be sold?...

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