Wednesday, May 6, 2009

High Tidy Heels

imagine a beach full of pointy holes

High Tide Heels, by artist Paul Schietekat

''...they combine the elegance of stiletto heels with the swimming speed of flippers."

''They could provide a fashionable alternative for sun-seekers who don't want the hassle of changing footwear every time they cool off with dip in the sea.''
Imagine Posh Spice strolling sprawling along in these.

Alas, according to the Telegraph, there's 'no thought to be any plans to release them commercially'


  1. hahahahaha I can see some idiot in a trailer park wearing those

  2. Ha! I wish they would make them available because you just know some celebrity would have to get in on the fad. I'd love to see Madonna try to walk gracefully in those!

  3. An if they committed a crime in them?... totally easy to follow.

    Until, of course, they actually got in the water.