Friday, May 8, 2009

Flying The Coop

Living + Dining, *click* for bath, kit, bed, pool pics
IC is selling her LA house. $2.2 million.
(was $2.5, - 'will lease': $9,500/mo)

Kitchen looks industrial. (click above for all pics)
Boring decorations - bland colors. I give it a 'C'.
Not where I'd picture a creative person living.

Interestingly, its has 4 bedrooms, w/5 baths.
You know what they say - big ego, tiny.. bladder?

link: original article


A typical finale TLW review; prob the reason IC is moving...


  1. Thanks for the photos! - Amity

  2. who is this person? I don't understand this and im so tired right now. All I can understand is 2 million, 5 lesbians and a bathroom. Maybe I got it mixed up but Im starting to really like that house.

  3. Ha! Big ego, small bladder. Priceless.