Monday, May 11, 2009

Half of a Giraffe

Competitive Taxidermy... who knew?

St. Charles, MO held the Taxidermy World Championship, and among all the deer, fish & birds they had these:

Bambi being fed by a disembodied arm.

Did someone shoot a fawn?

A curiously cheerful shark chasing seals.

How'd they do the water?

But the image that had me say 'why?' was this one,
one half of a giraffe, suspended in midair?

Other half must be upstairs...

It never occured to me that people even hunt them... at 19 feet tall you couldn't brag that it was tough to spot, now could you? Would you put this beast on-tilt in your house?

source, w/slideshow: Riverfront Times


  1. OK, Nancy, I thought the shark was weird... half a giraffe? I can't even word a question... and you know I'm rarely lost for words. How nice of you to follow my blog. Please come over and comment soon. I can't promise to be as... entertaining... as half a giraffe, but will do my best!

  2. The photos are creeping me out, can you imagine what it would be like to see that crazy crap in person?

  3. Taxidermy freaks me out! :/

    Why do they do it? WHY?