Wednesday, May 6, 2009

GOD's Holy Salami

image credit, WSBtv - click to go there
It was either that or 'God I Love Salami'.

Note: put down drinks before reading.

article: ...a divine message or a meaty coincidence

...she was cooking fried salami when (she) flipped one of them and saw the letter G. "Then got the O and I thought to myself how cool will it be if the third letter was a D."

Simoes realizes people may think she's crazy.

"I can't make this up... it's there in the burn marks."

For 20 years, her family has enjoyed fried salami for breakfast. Now Simoes is wondering how she will preserve the "holy" salami.
20 years? Wonder what other messages she missed?
Think of the words if she'd fry up four at at time...

link: WSBtv


  1. Is she sure of the order in which the divine letters were singed? (i.e. is she sure that her pet wasn't destined to receive the salami)?

  2. omg, you're right... her poor pooch has been denied his pre-ordained pork!