Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Barbie's Inner Beauty

click for larger X-Ray of Barbie
Hm. Barbie has no brain, and peglegs?
...I never realized she was a pirate.

'Radiology Art' by a NY med student:
'During my studies I became involved in a research project in Radiology and being an artist at heart, I couldn't help but to think of these scanners and fancy cameras,' says 44-year old Mr Stuelke. 'I realised that the two could be combined and used to reveal a whole new aspect of art.'

Placing his chosen items into a top-of-the-range CT scanner, he maps the insides of normal items such as stuffed toys and model airplanes. Processing the images on his humble home computer on a free software programme called Osirix, he then touches up the pictures using Photoshop.
link: X-Rays of a toaster, & a Big Mac.


  1. Honesty Nanc! You find the coolest stuff!!

    And who set Barbie's head on fire?

  2. Very cool! And it caught my attention immediately :-)

  3. Barbie looks possessed?

    Maybe we need to call a priest.

  4. Glad you liked it. ;-)

    Hit40 - omg 'Possessed Barbie'

    So now we'll do an Exorcist Ken, since he's, ahem, built to be a priest anyway...