Friday, May 1, 2009

Snow Hill

Happy May Day

In years past I gave May baskets to my grandma.
(The only way we celebrated May Day)
We never did set up a Maypole; did we miss anything?

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Andrew Wyeth's 'maypole' painting, "Snow Hill".
Must've been chilly in those hills if it was May 1st.

Its a huge painting, by the way - 6 feet wide by 4 feet tall. I saw it at the Brandywine River Museum. And it really is an in-joke, because all the celebrants are people from his other paintings.


  1. Well personally I don't see the attraction of prancing and capering round a pole :/

    But I must say, I love that painting! I hadn't seen that before and I liked that you gave little facts about it. Looking at art is wonderful and very enjoyable, but it's knowing the painting's history that makes it fascinating.

  2. Nice one, Nanctwop!
    Realism paintings are the best, saw your comments over on A World So Small and had to check out the blog.

  3. great information, love the hidden stuff!