Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Seven Colorful Sins

'Map of Sin' via Kansas St U. research
(*and the WRATH map is red, ENVY = green, etc...)

Las Vegas Sun: "By culling statistics from nationwide databanks of things like STD infection rates (lust) or killings per capita (wrath), the researchers (KSU geography dept) came up with a sin index... a precision party trick — rigorous mapping of ridiculous data"

So, what's up with South Dakota, anyway?

The Sin Map Slideshows (try'm fullscreen)


  1. I think im safe haha, just barely. right smack in the center of new york state.

  2. I went to the site and sat there and looked at the maps FOREVER! I get obsessed with maps for some strange reason...
    I love Google Satellite maps! Looking at the different areas of the world is my favorite hobby. ;)

  3. For a moment I thought that might be a chart of swine-flu!

  4. I'm now moving to Mississippi ... you know, just to make sure ...

  5. GI - no stopovers planned for Utah, then?