Sunday, May 3, 2009

An 82 Pound Throne

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Yes, that's correct. (click to enlarge)
Bidding is over and her throne has been claimed.

Someone paid £82 for Camilla's used potty seat.

Isn't that about $122 in U.S. dollars?

My previous post, The Royal Wee, on the subject.


  1. Ridiculous! haha love it though, I wish there was a picture of the moron who bought that thing.

  2. Oh good grief!!!

    Some people are just ridiculous ... and I second what Mr C said, I want to know what they look like ... so I can throw stuff at them!

  3. Yes, totally agree.

    I was thinking I should go back to that listing, and click the eBay link that lets you search for "Similar Active Items".

    Scary to think there could be more regal toilet bits for sale...