Sunday, July 26, 2009

Bringing Sexy Back

I was tagged in Miss C's challenge:

'What makes you feel sexy?'

her pic, not mine - sorry ;-) Can't argue with her choice of sleeping in the buff.

But additionally, music puts me in the mood.

So for fun, here's a 'bad' vs 'good' comparison...

First, The Baaad:

*houstonpress*s 'Rocks Off' list.

They insist their ten (below) were chosen by a woman for a sexy night in. Ha, sorry guys, no fem would pick these unless she's a goth:

1) Street Hassle, Lou Reed's dying hooker? Seriously?
2) Libertango, : an accordian version?!... o so not hot.
3) Summertime, Joplin: her voice in this? - not sexy.
4) Superstar, SY's cover of an old 70's song -drags-.
5) Empty House, Air's 'Virgin Suicides' track drags too.
6) Sea Song, Doves: dull for a party of two.
7) The Operation, Charlotte G: a dissection song? Ew.
8) Inertia Creeps, Massive Ak: Repetitious & 'slowly'
9) Closer, 9 Inch Nails: FU like an animal? Charming.
10) Gabriel's Mercy Street 'perfect for drifting off' ??
- Nice tune, but lyrics of suicidal Anne? - Um 'No'.

On the whole, their songs are quite depressing.
My guess? A dateless old geezer picked'm.

comments from their own page:

played some of these with my wife ...
She gave me a 'wtf r u listening to?' look.

tried it and she went cold with the Lou Reed.
She up and left with the Janis Joplin...

When... hotel porn music just won't do

Holy balls, what a terrible list

If my man started playing this crap,
I'd have my clothes on by the end of song 1

Now here's my more upbeat list:

'The Good',

or 'Some Songs I'd Pick Instead'.

1) Of Peter Gabriel's music I'd pick In Your Eyes*
'* 'boom box' song from movie 'Say Anything'

- - Hm. - I'll just go with more movie songs...

2) remake: 'Anyway You Want It'
movie - Charlie's Angels Full Throttle ;-)

3) 'Take Me Away ' yes, from 'Freaky Friday'*
*included because it makes me laugh, and after that other list I needed a bit more humor.

4) 'Sky and Sand' from movie 'Berlin Calling'

5) 'Haan Tu Hai'(You Are The One) in 'Jannat'

6) 'Seasons of Love' from 'Rent'

7) 'Check On It' Beyoncé/Pink Panther movie fun

8) 'How Did You Know' from movie 'All My Life'

9)Hot Chocolate's You Sexy Thing in 'Full Monty'

10) oldies: 'NeverEnding Story' by Limahl
Included because I like the flow of his song.

plus this, because I like the video:
Billy Idol's Cradle Of Love in 'Ford Fairlane'

(Was Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face' in a movie?...)

So, anyway, that's my version of
Bringing Sexy Back... w/ snappy songs.


  1. Looove Take Me Away from Freaky Friday! Can't stand Lindsay, or that type of music in general, but love that song.

  2. Freaky friday was where lindsay lohan becomes her mom right? Lol I am tagged for this too nanc!

  3. Yeah, I never expected a remake of FF to include songs that I'd actually like... and speaking of things I like - Mr. C - we're looking forward to your entry in Miss C.'s tagged group ;-)