Thursday, July 16, 2009

Trek In The Park

Go where no thespian has gone before.

"These characters are every bit as famous and resonant as Shakespeare," says Jesse Graff, who plays Spock. "Per capita, if you sat down with somebody and said, 'Tell me about Macbeth and tell me about Captain Kirk..."
Hm. He does have a point.

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{article} '...Rosko (Kirk) doesn't consider himself a hardcore fan, either. But his mother, Marge, is, which is why she sewed all the costumes and donated some of her collectibles to the show.'

'... Last week's dress rehearsal attracted some curious onlookers... and a confused bicyclist who rode through the middle of the set and parked his bike during a dramatic standoff -- proof that this is not a production of Shakespeare in the Park...'

{92 sec} - Love the fan reactions.

Saw the news bit last week, and saved the link, guessing that someone would upload a video by today. I actually wish I was able to go - the actors are playing it straight - amazing. Sounds like the audience is having a riot too. The last shows are coming up, if you're interested:
Sat & Sun, July 18-19, and 25-26, at 5 pm
Woodlawn Park Amphitheater
NE 13th Ave & Dekum St
Portland, Oregon Cost: Free
link: The Oregonian article
link to the other 'Trek in the Park' videos


  1. lol awww ... I'd love to go and see that!!!

  2. Oregon huh? I'd checkit out, but it's probably not coming to Hawaii.