Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sales R Up

via a dollop of moral outrage Down Under.

-click- to New Zealand Herald storyYes, the tiny T's are a tad tacky. But the NZ concerned parents public outrage brought more attention to the shirts - just like an ad - so now they'll see even more of these...
"Mummy likes it on top"
"Wipe my butt sucker"
"So hot right now"
"I like big b00bs I cannot lie"
"I'm bringing sexy back"
"Practice safe sucks".
"The condom broke"
"Pardon my nipple breath"
"Living proof my mum is easy"
(Oops. Not quite what they intended...)

FYI: is doing a poll about the shirts.

Another bit of outrage-eousness:

-click- for CBS news article, with unrevealing video
Scary sculpture or amazing art? The locals in Delray Beach have their own concerns about an art piece depicting an 'anatomically correct' family. Its been installed at a mall in full view of passersby:
"I think the male figure might be offensive to some..."

Linda A. said she purposely takes another route when walking with her 6-yr-old. "He's gonna have questions," and "I don't think he's ready for that."

18-yr-old Taylor E. was taken aback when she saw the frontal view. "From the other side, it's not so bad. But now that we see it from the front, maybe they could take this one out," she said referring to the father.

* click pic for the article, but of course there's no explicit photos, even in the video - nerdy newsies neutered the nudes, naturally. Nuts.

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  1. Haha @ "Wipe my butt sucker" :P

    And I don't get it! Why is society STILL so hung up and prudish about the human body?

    It's ridiculous.