Thursday, July 9, 2009

Kingsize of Pop

Recently released photo of MJ's bedroom.

click for close-up of 'Last Supper'
*click* to see close-up of the painting

Don't know what I expected he'd have over his bed...

MJ's 'apostles': Lincoln, JFK, Edison, Einstein (MJ) Walt Disney, Charlie Chaplin, Elvis, Little Richard. (He commissioned the painting from an artist that did others in his house) Why this eight?

Just can't wrap my head around it; how odd.

{article} Among the videos left piled high in Jackson’s cramped bedroom were documentaries on Bruce Lee and Adolf Hitler, a tv series, American Juniors, (teen talent show) and two self-help parenting videos.
Hopefully he bequeathed that last pair to his relatives.

orig link: more of MJ's house
link: more 'Last Suppers', just to compare

One last thing - who would be your apostles?

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