Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Huff This Way

I couldn't believe the article below.

A guy was huffing Redi-Whip in the dairy section.
They didn't arrest him til he went thru 28 CANS.

That's some fine security.

This could only happen at a WalMart:

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  1. Hey there! Found you via Mr. Condescending. Can't tell you how hard I laughed at "that's some fine security." 28 cans? I haven't read the story but I actually feel a bit bad for the guy. Must be pretty down on your luck to be huffing Redi-Whip. In a WalMart. At least do it at Target. Have some self respect, man!

  2. lol at 'Target' - nice to have you stopping by, Samsmama - the more humor(ists) the better!