Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Elephant Buns

... race human 'hot dogs' to the finish.

3 human eating-champs: a pie guy, a hash guy, and a cranberry sauce(?) gal went all out ('all in?') in a hotdog bun contest.
They were smoked by 3 pack-it-in-derms. { article}

The elephants ate 505 hot dog buns in 6 min
The humans? Only 143 buns. Slackers.

''...elephants Bunny, Susie and Minnie - all in their 40s - ate at what appeared to be a leisurely pace from behind a table piled high with buns. They even paused to eat some bananas... 'which did not count towards scoring'

What really made me LOL? These are the same chowhound elephants that went on the lam in Toronto in search of snacks. Bunny & Susie's previous eating excursion took them to a grassy area and someone's front yard, leaving a trail of poo that was probably easy to follow... When the handlers were asked how to corral the escaped beasts?... they simply said 'Call them'. Sure enough, they came when called.

Wish I could get my old dog to do that.


  1. LOL the elephants got loose onto someones front yard!?

  2. I love it! What were they thinking, anyway? They'd win against the elephants? ;-)

  3. And the poor guy from Ringling Bros. - having to walk down the street w/ a bucket of chow yelling 'Bunnn-neeee', and then having to come clean up after them. (homeowner said the circus sent their guys back to pick up the poo)