Thursday, July 23, 2009

Johnny Depth

... as Carol Channing !

{article} Musical legend Carol Channing has given her blessing to Johnny Depp's gender-bending plans to portray her in a film... (since) he revealed his "dream role" would be to play 88-year-old Channing because "she's amazing".

And the legendary singer/actress has given her approval - because she'd love to see how he would interpret her on the big screen.
"It is not a new concept to me. Not at all. Men have been imitating me for as long as I can remember. In fact, most of the impersonations I have seen have had a five o'clock shadow."

I suppose going from this:

Depp in ''ED WOOD''

to this:

*click* for HELLO DOLLY website

isn't too far a trip...

scoop via: WENN News

eta - first look at Depp as the Mad Hatter:

{90 sec}

link: Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland


  1. Carol Channing was in this Made for TV Alice in Wonderland that was on when I was a kid. She was the White Queen and TOTALLY freaked me out, although I'm not sure her character was meant to do that...

  2. Erin- Me too! There was something about her whisky voice that was totally creepy! In a funny way this is all tying together too, since Johnny is also playing the mad hatter in a new movie version of Alice in Wonderland.

  3. Thats one of the things I really like about Johnny Depp, he's imaginative and fearless and has an endless ability to laugh at himself. I bet he'd do an awesome job, to be honest.

  4. I can totally see Johnny Depp doing Carol Channing. I mean, playing her for a role. The other way I phrased it made me gag.

  5. I can't WAIT for Alice in Wonderland to come out!!!

    The trailer is great, Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are the most sublime team.