Monday, January 11, 2010

Cash Cab Clues

NOT mine, but its real
Coming courtesy confirmed contestants! :

1. No, no, it’s not rigged... but
2. Some NY players were pre-screened...
...via a come-on for a 'NYC travel show'.
3. Your check, not cash, arrives weeks later. Sorry.
4. host Ben Bailey is actually a comedian... but
5. He has taken and passed the NYC cabbie exam.
6. If you lose, you get the t-shirt above.
7. In 'real' pickups, they stop the cab, explain rules.
8. You can't reveal if you won before your ep airs.
9. There are many Cash Cabs, in 20+ countries.
(chilly Calgary CA could be CCCCCab!.. ;-)
10. A production van follows CCab. In NY its white.
a quote: 'hot sh*t was it a fun time!'...

... I bet !

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FYI: There's no crying in Cash Cab!

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  1. I was just watching this last week on German TV because I miss the American version! Saw this on your list of blog entries [I have shamefully fallen way behind on reading the blogs I follow]. The German's version: Quiz Taxi. Cool to learn about the behind-the-scenes, so thanks for sharing this!