Saturday, January 9, 2010

Jon, the Moe-ron

Jon, go away
(Jon's twin? - Moe of The Simpsons)

NEWS: 'Reality' celebutard, Jon Gosselin, is unhappy.

Jon & Morgan Christie source:
(cry us a river, Jon-boy...)

He's mad the paparazzi found out about his newest gf

Meanwhile, Jon's eHarmony profile:
[x]... Crabby
[x]... Fickle
[x]... Immature
w/... Debts piling up
& ... 8 kids under eight
How does he get even one date, much less a girlfriend?

So, is this today's 'hot male' ?

just go away, Jon
Or have fems under-26 gone dumb & blind?...

Or maybe the entire U.S. turning into 'Jersey Shore'?

Someone please explain. Sigh.


  1. Jon doesn't do it for me, but hey I'm older than 26 :)

  2. Beyond his inordinate propensity for bad choices and his cheese factor alone, the guy is so icky in the looks department. I don't get it.