Sunday, January 17, 2010

Puppy Panic

Some people have dogs that are scaredy-cats.

It started off with Jason E: 'Our dog Bailey’s fears seem fairly rational: thunder & lightning, the vacuum. But we discovered a new one last weekend:
The process of putting batteries in the Wii remote just terrifies her'

And then he asked:

'What's the most inexplicable thing your pet is afraid of?'

Some of the many replies to his query:

My friend files his Doberman’s claws with a dremel, but the dog can’t watch. It has to look away while he does it. -Randy

We came upon a worker in a drain so only the top half of his body was showing. This freaked my dog out so bad she wouldn’t walk past -June

My friend's dog was afraid of his own farts. We’d hear a soft eruption and his head would snap up, he’d sniff his rear end and sprint away - all the while looking behind him to see if it was following. wonderful entertainment for two 12 year olds! -Jarrod

My badass-looking Shepherd is afraid of frail elderly people -Steve

I have the most laid-back horse ever, til a baby buggy rolls by -LT

My corgi, Snickers, chases after the vacuum, protects my nephew during storms, and barks at strange dogs five times her size. But yesterday, during a leisurely drive, my fearless corgi dove under the seat in terror when a maple leaf blew in the car window. - Danielle

My cat is afraid of fat people. She broke her leash once, when trying to run away from our large neighbour. embarrassing… hard to explain tactfully why my cat suddenly had to run for her life when he left his apartment -Mimi

My dog is afraid of plates. She will only eat from one if it has sat on the floor long enough for her to believe that it won’t move. If it moves while she's eating? she runs away. - LAM

My cat appears to be disgusted by waffles. Toast and butter a couple of waffles, and he will flee the room with claws extended -Jaime

Our Sheltie, Ace, barks hysterically at toast...
& the word “toast” (because it means “toast”).
& butter (because it goes on toast).
& jelly (see “Butter”)... Ace is very anti-toast. -Chris

Our lab was terrified of a snowman in our neighborhood. I walked her (read: dragged her) over to the snowman to show her that it was harmless. Thereafter, every day we had to visit the snowman. -jane

Wood floors. The dog leaps between rugs to get around -Megan

My bf's dog is afraid of empty pizza boxes. -Christina

Our cat is scared of bananas. She’ll run if she hears you tearing one off the bunch, and if you come up to her with a peeled one, she hisses and bats at you -Donna

My dog is terrified of rain. She’ll beg to go outside to potty, but the second she feels a drop of rain, she runs back in. Which is a problem, cuz we live in Seattle! -kl

Spot was afraid of wind – he’d hear it thru the window and run into the bathtub! The only other thing which scared him was when my ex would make Thai curry -Spiro

My Jack Russell loves the hair dryer, vacuum, fireworks, and anything loud (his favorite being tiny girls as they scream when he chases them) But he is deathly afraid of bubble gum bubbles. It’s straight under a pillow if you blow one his direction -Dez

My bunny is terrified of the sound of foil, panics and bolts -Bonnie

Dog refused to use the front door when we replaced the doormat -Barb

My cat’s afraid of tupperware. - Kat H

My lab mix developed a fear of pasta. If you’re boiling it or even shake the box at him, he hides behind the couch - mee

My dog loves to watch TV, but absolutely LOSES it when animals talk like people (eg. Salem the cat on Sabrina) not sure how much is fear and how much is jealousy, however - Alyssa

My dog is afraid of things with antlers, & me on Halloween - Susan

Our dog was afraid of cameras, remote control cars, & lighters. My parents lined these things up on the couch when they went out so he'd stay off of it -Rissa

My dog is afraid of getting his hair/nails cut and of snow. A few weeks ago we gave him a trim and then there was a blizzard. poor guy didn’t stop shaking for days -vegeb

My dog is terrified of paper plates. every time he sees me eating off of one, he shies away and shakes until I throw it out -RS

Our lab is afraid of unlit candles. Show one to her and she runs away like a mad thing, but comes back for more -Brooke

Mine is afraid of my 16 oz. chinchilla. Laughed so hard at the dog being chased around the kitchen by the tiny chinchilla -Caroline

My dog is terrified of Jesus, Mary & Joseph (plastic xmas ones) -Carrie

Both my dog and cat are afraid of aerosol sprays, or even if I just make a “sssspt!” at them (guess I’m mean since I find it hysterical) -Miss T

my poor doggie is afraid of guitars. unfortunately, i’m gonna have to take blame for that one since i used to chase him around the house with one when he was a puppy -mariaaa

My dog is afraid of the words “Dorito” and “burrito.” -Tiffani

my dog is afraid of the toaster, it pops up she wigs out -Julia

*these anti-toast pets?... dogs -love- toast, yes?*

Too bad those dogs & cats can't talk - wouldn't you like to know what's really going on in their minds, and in those houses?

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  1. Hahahaha ... :P Especially loved the Sheltie with the toast phobia!

    Our little dog, Jack, won't go near the stainless steel rubbish bin in the kitchen ... where have they decided to keep it? Right next to the dog flap!!!

    That perfectly sums up my family.

  2. What a great post! I'm LMAO! It really does make you wonder what goes through their little minds. Years ago, we had a Golden that was a nervous eater. Once, during a tropical storm, he ripped into a 20-lb bag of dog food and ate the whole thing! Poor guy was sick for days!

  3. GI: - Poor Jack! Does he put one paw over his eyes as he crawls in & out?

    Susan - Maybe he couldn't hear the storm for all the crunching?... but oh yikes - 20lbs!!

    and re: the anti-toast - 'wuwt'?..

    My family's dog drooled a river for buttered toast - I'm sure she would've made it herself if she'd only been able to sneak her 45 lbs self up on the counter! ;-)