Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fabio Sticks It

{Save Me!}O Fabio! I will read more to you now, yes?
... Fabio? ... FABIO!?

Lol'd reading about Fabio's 'Cafe Firenze'/'Taste!' tour.

The article writer swoons for Fabio & his co-author:

"Like a whirlwind storm, their presence changed the atmosphere and their cologne scented it..."

"Fabio Viviani was hot before he starting cooking on Season 5 of Top Chef. Women loved the handsome Italian with the spiked, short tendrils of black hair..."

"...the people confuse me with Fabio," said Falleni, who smelled of Opium cologne and wore a charcoal Armani suit."

Meanwhile the only recipe of theirs that she mentions?... the balsamic martini. Probably because of this quote:

"It is made with strawberries, vanilla rum, lime, simple syrup and balsamic vinegar," Falleni said. "It's a little acidic, and it's sweet. So, the women go for it of course, and I go for the women..."
(Those were the best bits, to read all, click the pic)

She must write romance novels on the side.

Wanna bet she Tivo'd all his moments on TC too?


AARP member?
You could always check out some 'Top Chef Seniors'... Nah.

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