Friday, January 29, 2010

nubile Brezhnev

Wait, come back! - No funky history lesson, honest.
And no pics of that Ruskie as a young man either, because, 'Ew'.

The image above is just a screen-cap of the oddest captcha (word verification) that I ran into this week.

But since nowadays, it seems like the chosen words are more closely linked to the content of what I'm viewing - Where did this one come from?

I assure you I wasn't browsing bloomin' bushy-browed Bolsheviks.

I was actually looking at blogs w/ clips of quirky pets.

So unless a lot of people named their pups, or maybe their platypii, after past Soviet leaders, I'm stumped. Anyone?


Isn't there a site that collects strange captchas?...

Hm. No. Not even if said pet had giant eyebrows.

Imagine yelling 'Yasser! or Brezhie! out the front door...

* of course, they won't come... they're dead

info credit, Wikipedia and Wiktionary, thanks!

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  1. Would be great to see a webpage filled with crazy captchas :-) I have seen some lately as well which made me wonder, so I think you are on the right track when you guess they may be coming from what our browser history has to share! This made me laugh so thanks for sharing & have a great weekend!