Monday, January 18, 2010

Just One King

not a photo!
and, um, who are those other two?...

Dang! Today the trio was removed, and I realized that I forgot my camera. Now we won't see them again til next fall.

I'm sorry you all missed it. Each December the 4-year-olds in a nearby nursery school get to set up the three wise men. They love doing it, and its pretty simple; the big round heads go on the colorful triangle bodies.

And then you put on the crowns and the beards and 'Voila'! Except these small kids always have a problem hanging the chin toupees onto those round heads. So, because the beards slip, the kids hike them higher so they stay up...

And I always smile when I drive by each year to see that the child in the manger will again be visited by his one king, and two masked bandits.

Next year I'll remember the camera, 'k?


  1. Thanks, I'm certainly going to try

    Who knew that a mustache could
    also be a dramatic mono-brow ?...