Thursday, January 28, 2010

Seattle calls Kathy Griffin

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...with the siren song of hot mini-donuts?

{seattlepi interview}

Q: Are there any places you visit regularly while in town?

Kathy: My favorite place is at Pike Place Market, you know where they sell the doughnuts. It's a small hippie kiosk where they sell these little sacks of doughnuts. They're amazing. They actually fall down from heaven. That was 90 percent of the reason I visited there. Whoever's running the board of tourism should just say, "Come to Seattle, where there are little sacks of doughnuts."
Now there's a thought.
Heaven probably does have donuts.
Bet the French part has those powder-sugar things too.

Yum. But I"m getting off track here...

KG will be in Seattle through Sunday.

Stroll to her book-signing tonight at 7 p.m. (U of W bookstore, 4326 University Way), or try getting tickets for her 8 p.m. Fri/Sat shows. (Paramount Theatre, 911 Pine St)

But remember, if those don't work out, stalk her here:

{55 sec} 'Daily Dozen Doughnut Company'

Love how this video person notes 'dirty glass', but still orders.

And the Pike's Place Pig has duct tape on his neck?
Hm. A band-aid for a bronze boar boosting beignets?

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