Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chill Out

made using my non-dom hand
'Night Waves', my 'Art Every Day' for day 11 of 30.
Made with the new online program: Flame Painter.

From my first time using this program - I do like the way the hues mix and spread as your hand moves. Its fun to just relax and let the colors flow.

* Find other's art via Twitter hashtag: #aedm2010 (or search twitter)

Plus a few soothing waves for your day as well:
{9 min}
Nine minutes of waves, trees & breeze.

Since this is also ThemeThursday's 'relax' day. Aren't you envious of the person who got to film the video above?
Its chilly here today, so you know I am...

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  1. I hate to tell you..... summer's arrived in Australia! It looks just like your picture today!

  2. Flame Painter sounds fun. I shall have to give it a go. 'Night Waves' has a fantasy dream like feel to it.

    Those Carribean waves are nothing like the grey rainy day we have here today!

    Thanks for visiting my blog yesterday.

    Kat :-)

  3. It's winter here too, but it thinks it is still summer. So I'll take it!

    Nice waves. Much needed for a Friday! :)

  4. Love blue, love water, love waves.