Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Covered Bridge

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'Covered Bridge' - This is my digital sketch of a covered bridge I saw in Pennsylvania. I loved the style of it, but I've left out a few struts in the interest of an uncluttered image, and time. Hopefully I'll have time later to add in the stream & supports, etc.

Speaking of 'left', again this was using my non-dom hand.
I did use the line tool, and it is 'cleaner' that way.

But is it worth being neat, if I lose the free-hand look?

Its my 'Art Every Day' piece for day 10 of 30
Find other's art via Twitter, hashtag: #aedm2010 (or search twitter)

A bit of extra fun:
{1 min} A bridge appears in less than 60 sec.

'Auto Draw' is a screensaver that 'draws' items from your pic folder onto your desktop. Here's a video of it 'drawing' someone else's covered bridge. With added harp music.
Because harpists hang out on bridges?...
(Must've been her day off when I was there)

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1 comment:

  1. Your covered bridge drawing is so clean and crisp. And you did this with the nondominant hand - wow! The sketching process in the video is very interesting as well. It is great to see the contrast between two different styles of drawing. And of course I love covered bridges!