Friday, November 12, 2010

Spin In The Wind

prototype for a project
Actually, its an indoor windmill.
Made out of a cardboard box.
(a model for a later design)
So it will sit, but not even spin.

And for you observant types...

'Yes', it is a box from a case of Chablis.
(sigh) 'No', there isn't any left, (sorry)
But since its Friday...
'Yes', later we'll go get another. ;)

As its my only art for the day,
it becomes my 12th day of art, of 30.
this November's 'Art Every Day' month
See the other's art bits via twitter #aedm2010

To see a livelier windmill, watch her go:
{18 sec}

And she did it with no scrapes, I'm impressed!

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