Friday, November 5, 2010

An Egyptian Stroller

my lefty Egyptian
What you get from watching a PBS special on the Pharoahs, and not seeing even one of them walk...*

I do like the colors - why stick with desert tan, right?
Not sure if I like the texture, let me know what you think.

*Done with my left hand, using Microsoft Paint (!)
and texturized/reduced via Photoshop Elements.

My 'Art Every Day' piece for 11/5

Just for fun - MTV video of The Bangles 1986 hit:
'Walk Like An Egyptian'
{3 min}
I'm sure that's really how those early types strolled...
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  1. You can make some cool stuff using your left hand, nice job, I like the colors and the texture too. I like the added touch of a Bangel's video!

  2. The texture is cool! Makes me think of the desert.

  3. You did this with your left hand? From someone who is totally left hand retarded I am seriously impressed, besides that I love Egyptian stuff, have since I was a kid.

    I think the colours and the texture work great together, I would perhaps soften it up a bit so the Egyptian pops a little more though, just because my eye went straight to the colour and texture in the background and I'm sure you want the focal point to be the "walker".

  4. Love that you matched your creative piece to music. makes me think I need to consider that. Thanks for opening up my world a bit!