Thursday, November 4, 2010

Flying Art

my Mod 'scarecrow'
My Modern ScareCrow, done for a local art fest.

Didn't win, but it does spin nicely in the breeze.

And no crows landed on it.

*did the construction before H'ween, but just did the pic today, so I can enter it as my daily dose in this 'Art Every Day Month'... ;-)

Find other's art via Twitter, hashtag: #aedm2010 (or search twitter)

click to go to her site And if you'd like a Thursday Travel Tip, here's mine:

The contest was held near La haska, PA, at a place called Peddler's (tho no one has a cart) Village. And now's the time to make holiday plans. Every store there is unique, no chains, so they get a lot of shoppers at gift giving time.

click for info page Its like a giant outdoor mall, {store map} with cobbled paths and quirky decorations. Plus lots of food, lodging, a kid play center, and a great variety of wares.

{30 sec}
Half of the units are grouped around a big sloping 'village green', so disabled travellers beware. The closest Int'l airports are Newark & Philly; just click on the map for more info and reviews.

*And don't forget to tap her palm tree above if you'd like to enter phhst's most recent travel contest!
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  1. I'd love to see a video of it moving!

  2. This is great! What a fun interpretation of a scarecrow!

  3. Are those leis on your scarecrow? Very cool.

  4. Yup - 10 different colors of leis, in fact.

    I'm sure my Hawaiian touch was very authentic... those judges just didn't understand.