Saturday, November 6, 2010

Leaf Away With Me

my 'Leaf on Water'
'Leaf on Water' - I walked by a leaf on a puddle today. All around it was a strong reflection of the sky. That became the challenge for my left hand today.
(I'm normally right-handed)
Is the blue 'shimmery' enough to be water?
Or does it just look like I distorted a blue sky?

I used the highlight/hold-shift function to slide color in the leaf, and used the rudimentary 'airbrush' function for the water. Perhaps a bit too rudimentary, since its hard to get a genuine 'dappled' look that way. Then again, I wanted to capture the impression of it, and not necessarily duplicate the reality... :-/
My 'Art Every Day' Month piece for 11/6

Plus a video of the season; love the images he chose:
{3 min}
Paolo Nutini singing 'Autumn'

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  1. :-) Your leaf made me smile. Did I understand correctly, that you did the coloring on the computer, digitally? I have yet to try digital art... feel so woefully behind on many creative pursuits that I don't begin for fear of it overtaking my life completely.

    One of my collages in a local art show today is called "Leaf Me Alone!" LOL.

    So grateful to have found you today through AEDM2010.

    Read my AEDM2010 check in here.

  2. This is quite striking - leaves make such a great subject for art.