Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Chop Shop

aka The Top Chef Reunion Show

pic credit: lastheplace.comTonight on Bravo, The chefs return! chop-chop!...

j/k - But am looking forward to hearing what S5's crew says about NY & New Orleans. Fan favorite?... I'm placing my bet on Fabio, since he had better menus than Carla right at the time Bravo was pushing for votes.

Congrats to Fabio, but that was slooowww

Tidbits from the TC Reunion:

The Stefan & women montage, followed by his stare at Padma when she walked in, priceless!

Toby asking if Fabio & Stefan 'hold hands' walking in Santa Monica and Fabio replies 'No', that he uses a leash.

The chefs made Glad-toys in the stew room! -LOL- I wish we'd seen that -during- the show. (Did Glad wonder why they had to re-stock so often?)

Don't care for host Andy C. But at least I'm not alone - 'Pepper M' (of TWoP) has something to say about him:
'Shut up, you charmless, unintelligent twatwaffle'- I LOL'd.

Sequestered for 6 weeks? H. must've included the finale time, because no way were they in Brooklyn for 6 weeks!

The 'birthday curse'...
Amazed that didn't leak earlier: 'Happy B-day, pack'm'up!'
Loved Leah dismissing the curse just before it bit her.

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  1. the bday curse was weird. and I'm with you about that host, kinda lame.