Wednesday, March 11, 2009

House Payment

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Beals (left) on 'The Book of Eli' set, Carrizozo, NM.*

Jennifer Beals once said she took some acting jobs 'to pay the mortgage'. Well, this post-apocalyptic movie where she plays a mom who's btw also a blind sex-slave?... smells like another 'house payment' movie to me. But then again, the script can't be worse than her last one, Sunday's TLW finale, can it?

Wait, maybe it could be worse. The script was by a rookie, who reviews video games & comics for a living. It got greenlit just because comic book movies are 'in' right now.

The rewrite? By A.Peckham, who's never had a successful film.
The directors? Have a rep for lousy female roles, ala 'American Pimp'
The premiere? Jan 2010, a January release = no faith in the movie
The verdict?... Only Denzel as the lead gives it a chance.

*near 'futuristic' old lava in Valley of Fires{4-min} park.


  1. That was just mean.

  2. Sorry you think so - but it sounds like another 'comic book' movie - and most of those have been flashy with little substance.

    This one doesn't even have flashy outfits to distract us from the dreary adolescent tale.

    Not to mention their one-dimensional treatment of their female characters...