Saturday, March 28, 2009

Laurel Holloman, A-list!

You can sit in the front rows to see her (and everyone else) at Bravo's A-list award show if you:
Are free on April 5th, 2009*
Can get to The Orpheum in L.A., Calif
Are over 18 years old
Own a formal outfit (list of LA thrift stores)
Agree -not- to bring a camera
Willing to sign up to be a 'seatfiller'
A 'seatfiller' is someone who sits in the seats of celebrities at televised events, while the celebrity is in the loo or out having a smoke. You can be that person if you meet the above requirements and go to LA's to sign up (bottom half of page) by April 1st. Good Luck!

* The show airs on the 15th, but they film it April 5th, apparently.

p.s... Can't make it to Los Angeles? Me neither.
But at least we can vote for her elevator scene (often)!

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  1. Thanks thanks thanks for the info!!! - Amity