Friday, March 6, 2009

Out of Step

Mediocre editing, yet another bugaboo of TLW.
If you saw Ep 607 you know what I mean...

That's why its interesting to see unpaid fans remix the scenes that IC's clumsy yet paid editors & director have chopped apart. Here a fan restored some flow to a dance sequence that had been roughly intercut with 2 other storylines in the aired version of the ep.

* credit for this 607 remix goes to beakerJT
{1 min}

Makes quite a difference. Too bad the amateur editors employed by TLW didn't know the golden rule of editing video - if your audience has never seen it before, don't cut away. Put another way, if its something unique, you need to let your audience have a chance to savor it. If it was a cola ad? - feel free to do as many cuts as you like, but the only choreographed dances in TLW deserved better.
(Direct youtube link to the same video)


  1. Hiya - thanks for posting on here the re-edit of B & T dancing. Glad you enjoyed it and others seem to be too - a lovely compliment, thank you! :))