Sunday, March 1, 2009

SuperSonic Me

Or Ms. Fearless Supersonic Angel if you're nasty...

Yup, its silly. But hey, since I'm now a Superhero, I've decided my Super Quest is going to be to fight to give comic books back to kids. All the recent 'comic book' movies are inappropriate for kids -and- not any fun. And that's beyond silly.
Link to do: Your very own SuperHero Makeover.

*hero link rec'd by Lisa, thanks!

eta: Oh No, not more no-fun 'kid' movies?!:
Ant-Man (2010), Avengers (2011), Black Hole (2010), Button Man (in production), Deathlok (2011), Doom Patrol (soon), The Flash (2010), Hack/Slash (2009), Iron Man 2 (2010), Madman (2009), Nick Fury (2010), Red Sonja (2009), Ronin (in production), Spider-Man 4 (2011), Thor (2009), Watchmen (2009), Whiteout (2009), The Witchblade (2009), X-Men: Wolverine (2009)
Anyone else think these 'comic' flicks sound depressing?

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  1. so funny. I have superheroes/comic books on the brain as well. off to make myself a superhero...great post!