Sunday, March 29, 2009

How Tweet

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* texts sent via Twitter are called 'tweets' ;-)

Just how 'tweet' are those Twitter-ers?

Tempted by this fad? Believe it or not, website will gauge the value of your Twitter account. I'm guessing its based on # of followers - so by that score I'm afraid Kathy Griffin is still a 'D-List' celebrity. Compare: (Ashton) 600,000 followers (Demi) 300,000 follow 250,000 followers 16,000 followers 8000 followers
*If you're still considering it, also consider, which tracks the most popular URLs (or Web links) being shared across Twitter, and Tweetdeck or Twhirl, both of which help you manage/organize your tweets. Good Luck.

p.s. 'Too old' to Tweet? Queen Elizabeth joined 2 weeks ago. Her account is still 'parked' but that hasn't detered the fakers: - fake Queen Elizabeth, 1 follower - fake also, 262 followers - fake again, 736 followers
not to mention... - 800 followers...?

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