Sunday, March 8, 2009

L = Last Items

The last show of TLW is tonight, and yet I'm actually more interested in hearing the details of yesterday's auction of the last items off the set. Isn't that sad (and odd) that after five years of watching this show I'm still not invested in the finale?. Granted I'm a big spoiler ho, so I'm already annoyed that the producer...
*unspoiled? don't read the tiny print*
... refused to actually wrap up the final storylines! ... MoronIC, yes?

click to enlarge So, while waiting for the auction results, I did a 'Wordle' by taking a TWoP page, and letting the program form the words into a label-cloud. Naturally B&T are big - popular words are the largest - but this (click image on left) shape was unusual. The smaller ones randomly clustered around Bette, leaving Tina an island? - how odd.

You'd think one of Bette's army of minions programmed it.
(other samples on other topics looked nothing like this)

Try your own:, - ( orig link via The Claw, thanks! )

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