Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fabio > Toby > TomC

TomC makes me like Toby...
... As for the decision to name Rosenberg the winner, Colicchio says he’s "not positive" if it was completely unanimous.

“It may have been three out of four [judges],” he says. “I don’t remember one hundred percent. I think Toby may have wanted to give it to Stefan if I remember correctly.”

And I hope this comes to pass:
Adds Colicchio, “At the end of the day, I would say Fabio will end up doing more than the winner only because of his personality. That’s where the personality comes in. This season, most people are going to remember Fabio.”
*Hopefully Hootie Hoo too. ;-)

MSNBC link: TC finale interview


  1. You said it, sista!

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  2. It's either going to be Fabio or Carla. Either one would make me happy - I voted for both.