Monday, March 9, 2009

Swan Song

'Shane', 'Tina', & 'Alice', in happier season5 times The finale wasn't music to anyone's ears, unfortunately.
"L" Is for Lousy - The series finale of The L Word set lesbianism and the art of storytelling back about fifty years. It couldn't have dribbled to a more feeble, unfulfilling letdown ...
James Wolcott, of Vanity Fair

That was a typical review. How sad. No show deserves to die like that. Its the one time they should have called Weho's seemingly only lawyer Joyce Wishnia, and of course they didn't. Bet they could've gotten a group rate, too.

Prolong the death throes: Go here Mondays for clips.

backstage clips during last week of filming.{4 min}

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